Tinycontrol V2 Lan Remote Control Kit Ethernet Module RJ45 Relay - Sorrells Kit - No Antenna Tinycontrol V2 Lan Remote Control K



Tinycontrol V2 Lan Remote Control Kit Ethernet Module RJ45 Relay - Sorrells Kit - No Antenna

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Data sheet

Manufacturer warranty 1 year
Connectivity Ethernet (RJ-45)
Brand Tinycontrol
Model Lan Controller V2.0
Analog Inputs 5 Analog Inputs
Digital Inputs 4 Logical Inputs
1Wire Inputs Up to 8 - DS18B20
Internal Relays 1
External Relays 1 - 5
PWM Outputs 1 - 4 X 2.6KHz to 4 MHz
Transistor Outputs 1 up to 1A
Mounting DIN Rail

More info

LAN controller is a simple, but innovative device which has long been lacking in the market network solutions. A small board serves as a web server which presents the various sensor readings and allows you to remotely control up to 6 outputs. Additionally Events Config feature allow you to setup the appropriate action when sensor readings met certain conditions, for example relay can turn up heater when temperature goes down bellow fixed temperature. ISP can use watchdog function, it check the ping up to 5 network devices, and if no response runs the relays. Useful for many applications can be a Scheduler, that allows turn on / off the devices at a specified time or for a specified period of time. There is also PWM output to control brightness of light or an electric motor speed. For far from socket installation board could be powered by passive PoE supply. Few versions of firmware is available today, each is still developed and after publication customer could upgrade it by preapred software. In Accessory are presented all sensors and upgrade kits compatible with Lan Controller.

Examples of applications

  • ISP:
  • Watchdog function to checking TCP/IP connection and launch outputs if hanging happen
  • Temperature, supply voltage and person occupancy control in server rooms
  • weather condition report on the occasion of IP cameras views
  • Home Control:
  • Home Electric stove control (automatically or remote)
  • Turning on/off home lightening remote, by scheduler or by event, controlling intensity
  • Turning of TV box if remote is in other person hands
  • irrigation control
  • Home Instaltions:
  • Temperature controlling and simple automation in your heating system
  • temperature and pressure controlling in solar thermal installations
  • measurement of heat pump operation
  • monitoring of grid voltage and automatic switching to backup with email notification
  • remote control by LAN - understands as forwarding command to one of output of LAN Controller from input of other LAN Controller
  • Renewable Energy:
  • Measurements of solar cells work
  • Measurements of wind turbines
  • Measurements of charging battery
  • Measurements of power consuming
  • Agriculture:
  • Irigation Systems
  • Animal food processing automatization

Reseter, Monitor, Controller

  • Features:
  • WWW or SNMP v2 management
  • Firmware upgrade via TFTP
  • Read data in real time without refreshing page
  • Possibility switch on/off up to 5 relays direct and 1 transistor output up to 1A (can be 6-th relay) - controlled via WWW
  • Events panel to self-programming by user
  • Scheduler (switch on/off output for definite time in week days
  • IP watchdog to five IP devices
  • Monitoring additional devices eg. PIR sensors
  • environmental temperature and supply voltage on board measurement
  • temperature and current measurement from connected sensors
  • temperature and humidity measurement by DTH22 sensor
  • power measurement for DC voltage
  • power measurement from grid by electricity meterer impulse
  • posibility to connecting of the additional boards: 4 switched PoE ports or 4 relays
  • set time manualy or by NTP server
  • posibility sensors calibration
  • frequency and duty modified PWM output
  • remote control: each output of Lan Controller setup as server can be controlled remotelly by LAN network from inputs of others Lan Controllers
  • e-mail notification about programmed events
  • SNMP TRAP notification about programmed events
  • automatically send state or value inputs to SNMP server
  • implemented protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SNTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP
  • supported temperature sensors: PT1000, DS18B20
  • support 1wire control

Additional Information

  • Input/Outputs:
    temperature, voltage, current (by additional boards) and another physics measurements
  • DIGITAL INPUT for 1WIRE BUS (connector RJ11):
    support up to 6 temperature sensors DS18B20
    support temperature and humidity sensor DHT22
    for monitoring, as a pulse counter from energy meter
  • 1 Build-in Relay Output
  • 1 Transistor Output: up to 1A
  • 4 Outputs to switch relays or transistors
  • 4 PWM Outputs: 2.6KHZ to 4MHz
  • supply voltage and temperature monitoring on board
  • reverse polarization protection
  • Supported Sensors:
  • temperature DS18B20
  • temperature PT1000
  • temperature and humidity DHT22
  • Rain Sensor
  • Light Detector Module
  • Current Sensors
  • Water Level Sensor (Magnetic or manual)
  • Motion Detect Sensor
  • Infrared Proximity Sensor
  • Door contacts
  • CO and CO2 Detectors
  • >>> Much More Not Listed Here <<<
  • Technical Specification:
  • supply voltage: 8-28V
  • power consumption : about 1W
  • PoE supply: YES, passive
  • interface: ethernet 10Mbit/s
  • relay: 255VAC 10A
  • operation temperature: -20 do +85 °C
  • dimensions: 60x68mm
  • weight 50g (without casing)
  • Package Contents:
  • 1X Tinycontrol
  • 1X Grey case for whole kit
  • 1X Wifi Repeater - easily connect to your existing wifi network
  • 1X DH22 Temperature and humidity sensor cased with 4M cable
  • 1X Power Supply for all devices